It is hard to be grammatically correct is certain fundamentals of the English language aren’t cleared out. Although the language in itself is not tricky, but certain rules make it a bit hard to get right all the time. And such is the case with “Your and You’re”. Almost every one of us has made the mistake of interchanging the usage of these words. Here is how to get this bit of English grammar correct all the time.

First you need to know that these words are a part of a bigger family called “Homophones”. Homophones are words or a series of words which sound the same. But these words are spelled differently, every time. Also, the term “phone” here suggests that the words or the series only sounds same.

The usage of Your

Your” is word that shows possession. The word “your” suggests that whatever object or subject of discussion belongs to a specific person or a specific group of people. The word “Your” falls under the possessive adjectives, which are used before a noun and show ownership of the object in discussion.


  • Your opinion does not matter.
  • Pinky does not look like your mother.
  • Alex took your book.

The usage of You’re

The only way to understand the usage of the word is to know that “your” is that it is the shorter version for the term “you are”. In every situation the word “you’re” will be used as a replacement of the term “you are” without fail. Remember that and you will never forget where to use the word.


  • Meenakashi told me that you’re good with numbers.
  • Rebecca, you’re required at the front desk for help.
  • You’re the prettiest in your class.

To Summarize:

  • Both “Your” and “you’re” are homophones. Homophones sound similar but are always spelled using different letters.
  • Your” is a word which shows possession and ownership of an object.
  • The word “Your” is a part of “possessive adjectives”.
  • “You’re” is used to replace “you are”.