What do you do when you get confused with which word to use where? Well, one of the two most confused words are the words “weight” and “wait.” By now you must be familiar with the term homophones. These words, “weight” and “wait” belong to the same category. The words sound the same, and therein lies the source of confusion. Now, the best thing to do to get rid of this confusion is to understand these words on the deepest level possible.

How to Differentiate Between “Weight” and “Wait”?

Like all homophones, the two words same exactly the same. The difference lies in their meanings or definitions. The word “weight” is usually used in to express the load of something. Whereas, the word “wait” is used to express the meaning of stay or delay something until an event or time.


This word has two kinds of uses as a noun. The first way to use this word is to use the word to express the force exerted by a mass which can be done in terms of grams, kilograms or any other form of measurement. Another use of this word is to express the meaning a metallic object which is used to give the measures of something.


  • May I know the weight of the machine?
  • My weight has increased with two pounds!
  • The vegetable vendor’s place the weight of hundred grams against my order.

Weight used as a noun:

The word “weight” can also be used as verbs. There are two ways of using the word as a verb. The first way would be to express the importance of a certain subject. And the second way of expressing the meaning of being held down with something heavy, something here could be an object or a person or an event.


  • After the family lost its business, the weight of their expenses was too huge to handle.
  • James used a glass weight to hold down loose sheets of papers on his desk.
  • The assessment will put more weight on your comprehensive skills, than on your learning skills.


The word “wait” could be defined, in simple terms, as the meaning staying in a place. On another note, the word could also mean to delay a something until the happening of an event, something here can be an action, the act of speaking or anything else.


  • I chose to wait for the manager to show up.
  • Ankita could not wait for her birthday!
  • Although I was running late, I found the bus waiting for me at the station.