The set of words, “Tire” and “Tyre” fall under the category of homophones. The same pronunciation may seem to cause some confusion with the usage of the words. But this article will rid you of these problems; it will hardly take five minutes.

Differentiating between “Tire” and “Tyre”

The two words may seem similar and hard to understand, but trust me it is nothing massive. The word “tire” is a word to describe the feeling of fatigue. However, the word “tyre” is the rubber covering for the wheels of vehicles. To get a better understanding read on.


The word “tire” can be used in two senses. The first way of using the word could be to describe the feeling of fatigue or to describe the need for rest or sleep. And the other method of using the word is to express the meaning of losing or lost interest in a specific subject or act.


  • If we continue with these repeat classes, we will get tired of the subject.
  • The job left me so tired; I need a full day rest now.
  • “You all must be tired, you can take tomorrow off,” the coach told his exhausted players.


Well, the word “tyre” can also be spelled as “tire,” but the meaning of this word is different than the one we have already discussed. The word “tyre” can be used only about vehicles, be it a car or a toy car or bicycle or a mighty truck! “Tyre” is the rubber covering on the wheels, mostly black in color. “Tyres” are soft and the outer most part of the wheels.


  • Installing these tyres will cost me a fortune!
  • “Oh no, a tyre burst? The car will crash for sure!”
  • I need a replacement for my bicycle’s rear tyre.