Suit and Suite

“Suit” and “Suite,” are a pair of words which fall under the category of homophones. By now you must be familiar with the term and its complications. However, for those who do not know, homophones are those words which sound similar. These words or groups of words may not always be spelled with the same letters, but will always have the same pronunciations!

Differentiating Suit and Suite

The words are no extraordinary case of homophones. The confusion with these words can be driven away easily. All you need to do is understand their meanings and get the usage right. This article will teach you all of that within a few minutes.


Now, this word has various meanings. The most common one of them all is that this word is used to express a set of clothes, mostly formal wear. Apart from this, the second most common usage is the use of this word as a “short form” of the word lawsuit. So, “suit” is also used to describe a legal case or proceeding. The third most common usage of this word is to express the meaning of “according to the preferences” in whichever case the word is being used.

In older times, you might find it in older forms of writings; “suit” was used to express the act of courting a woman. And another meaning of the word is the four sets of playing cards on a playing deck.


  • Max was wearing a striped suit with a bow-tie for his graduation ceremony.
  • The choice of words in the essay does not suit the topic.
  • The wife filed a suit against her abusive husband.


“Suite” is the easier of the two in terms of gaining understanding. “Suite” is usually used in the sense of rooms connected to each other. In other terms, the term can also be used to describe the sequence of musical notes which are to be played in order.


  • The firm booked me a hotel suite for my stay.
  • The suites composed by Bach are one my favorites.
  • This building has a suite of modern offices on the topmost floors.