The case of the words “Stationary” and “Stationery” is a massively confusing one. The two words are a part of the homophones family.

Homophones in a Nutshell

Homophones are words or even sets of different words, which are comprised of the same letters, in most cases. The words distinct feature is that the words sound similar, which causes the confusion.

Stationary and Stationery

The two above-mentioned words are no exception to the confusion caused by homophones. What’s more is that the two words are essentially made of the same letters, except for the interchanging of “a” and “e.” These words may look scary and confusing, but can be easily understood.


This word can be defined as an object or anything which is in a state of uniformity, which is to say that the object is motionless. Now the object in the discussion could either be fixed in a place or may simply be not in the state of motion.


  • Of all the equipment in the gym, I love the stationary
  • The group was instructed to remain in stationary position until the teacher came back.
  • Some of the core exercises require us to maintain stationary positions; which is extremely hard to maintain.


The meaning of the word most straightforward of the two words here, the word “stationery” simply means to define writing and office supplies. The term includes art and school supplies. In some case, the word, “stationery” can specifically point to paper and its kinds only. “Stationery” includes- pens, pencils, colors, staplers, pins, etc.


  • When Joshua returned from Japan, he brought a bag full of cute Japanese stationery for his sister.
  • “We are almost out of our office’s official stationery, be sure to place some new orders before it is too late,” I reminded the boss.
  • Little children love their colorful stationery