These words, “Pray” and “Prey,” are a pair of homophones.

Short Definition of Homophones

Homophones are groups of words which typically use the same set of letters and have the same form of pronunciation. In some cases, the set or sets of words may use different letters, but their pronunciation will remain the same. So, if two or more words are pronounced in a similar manner, they are without a doubt a part of homophones.

Differentiating between “Pray” and “Prey”

The set of “Pray” and “Prey” is probably the easiest of all homophones. The word “pray,” means to address God or any other higher power. And the word “prey” is used to express the “being hunted.”


The word “pray” can be used in two manners. Frist method of usage of the word “pray” is to express the act of conversing with or asking for something from God or any other deity. The word can also be used to express the meaning of politely asking for permission or for representing a polite request.


  • Rohan makes it a point to pray before his dinner.
  • “Let us pray for the family of Miss Johnson and hope for their recovery,” the principal announced.
  • Pray a prayer which will soothe your soul.

Bonus Point: “Pray” is always used as a verb and never as a noun.


The word “prey” can be used as a verb or as a noun. But in both cases, the word is used to express the meanings of being victim to something. Now, the subject of a sentence can be a victim of a predator, an animal or some bad circumstance.


  • The lion stalked its prey for a long time, waiting for the perfect opportunity.
  • Samantha fell prey to a bad group of friends, which eventually led her to her demise.
  • During a class discussion, a student asked, “Can we call a plant a prey?”