Have you been told that “I am well” sounds more formal than “I am good.”  But do you know that “I am good” is technically not wrong, in fact, it can be used on many occasions. Although the usage is not technically wrong, there may be times when you misuse the words. This article aims to get rid of those confusions and aims at providing a better understanding of the words.

The Difference between “Good” and “Well

Without any deeper information the words, “good” and “well” seem to mean the same thing. However, after finishing with this article, I am sure you will understand their usage well. Before getting into the article know that both these words are modifiers, they modify the sentence.


The word “good” is basically used as an adjective and in the form of the adjective predicate. An adjective predicate is an adjective which follows the linking word in the sentence and changes the meaning of the subject.

Good is usually used to modify the meanings of the nouns. The word has various meanings when used in different senses. In some cases, both well and good would work fine, but that only stands true for informal cases. The correct to use “good” is to use it when you describe a person or something.


  • That was a good
  • She came up with a good idea.
  • They speak good
  • You look good
  • Things are looking


Well” is often used as an adverb only. Adverbs are those words which can be used as modifiers for nouns, verbs, and adjectives. “Well,” is used in two senses. The first way is to describe the feeling or meaning along the definition of the word “good,” which is to mean “in a satisfactory manner.”  And the other method is to take a pause while speaking or writing; it is quite common.

Another popular meaning of the word is a short form of the phrase “water-well.”


  • “Well? What do you think we should do now?
  • Many villagers in India still depend on wells for their drinking water.
  • “Did you do well on the test?”
  • “I am Thank you for asking,” she replied politely.
  • Well, I could say that, but it would only be a lie.

Bonus: When you are being asked about your health the answer is always, without fail, “I am well.” But when you talk about your emotional state, you always use the word “good” to describe your emotions.