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Tenses – Definition and Concept Verb is a multi-functional part of speech that provides various kinds of information about the sentence. One of the characteristics of the verb is to show the tense of the sentence. What is...

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Present Tense

The  term “tense” originated from the Latin word “Tempus.” In the English Language, “tense” is applied to indicate the time. Tense is referred as a form taken by a verb to show time of action. It can be primarily...

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Past Tense

Past Tense – Definition and Concept The tense of the sentence is the time of occurrence or execution of the verb with respect to the time of framing the sentence. Simply put, it is the period in time that the verb of the...

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Future Tense

I will learn the future tense. Now the above statement is saying what you are about to do, which is learning the future tense. Do you know this particular tense right now? In regular usage, maybe; but do you know what it exactly...

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