Differentiating between Allusion and Illusion

“Allusion” comes from the phrase “to allude”, whereas the easiest meaning of “Illusion” is the quality of being deceptive.


The word “allusion” comes from the phrase “to allude,” which conveys the meaning of deriving meaning. This word is used to convey the purpose of being related to something in an indirect manner or to provide a reference to something in an indirect method.

The word “allusion” is only used as a noun.


  • It is an allusion to Charles Dickens.
  • The allusions in an essay make the work more engrossing.
  • My teacher always explains things with the help of Biblical


The primary definition of the word “illusion” is to convey the meaning of deception regarding perception. Now, this deception could be in the sense of faulty thought, faulty idea or a visual deception, it varies from condition to condition. But the underlying fact of deception remains prevalent in all cases.


  • Magic is nothing but an illusion.
  • The false illusion of being a better man led him to self-destruct.
  • I like sketching visual illusions.