Depending on your understanding and knowledge, the English language could be easy or difficult. One of the main reasons why the language appears to be hard is due to the presence of homophones and homonyms.

Difference between “Adapt” and “Adopt”

The words “adapt” and “adopt” are those words which could be easily confused. The difference in their composition is that of only one letter. The presence of the letter “a” in one and the presence of the letter “o” in the other at the same spot. So, how do these two differ? And how do I use the words correctly? Read on for answers.


“Adapt” is used as a word and is used to convey the meaning of change in a situation. Additionally, the word can be used to express the meaning of adjusting to change.


  • Humans adapt according to their circumstances.
  • “Hardships are inevitable, adapt to the situation and create the best outcome,” Aman told his younger sister.
  • The businessmen have finally adapted to the digital markets.


The word “adopt” is used as a verb. The word is not used in any other sense. “Adopt” is used to convey the meaning of or to describe the feeling of accepting or following an idea. Another way of expressing the meaning would be to convey the meaning of doing or accepting something as their own. Additionally, the word can also be used to convey the meaning of being to use something, although something has different meanings depending on the subject matter of the sentence.

In the most common sense “adopt” is used in the sense of children and infant. The act of adopting is to make the child their own and raise them as their children.


  • To exist with the ever-changing times, we have to adopt newer and more creative ways to thrive.
  • Martina says she will adopt a new form of training to improve her performance.
  • The family is all set to adopt an infant.