Each and Every

The words, “Each” and “Every,” have been confusing all kinds of speakers and writers. The problem with the two words is due to the fact that both of them talk about singular objects. However, both words point or refer to two entirely different cases. It must also be remembered that there are some cases when the words, “Each” and “Every,” are used one after the other.

Understanding the use of “Each” and “Every.”

To understand, we must understand that “each” refers to a singular person only or singular object, in most cases. However “every” usually talks about a group of objects or people. For a deeper understanding, read on.


You can use the term “each” for singular and plural use. It is dominantly used with singular objects, where the word brings out the individuality of one object or a person in a group. However, when the word, “each,” is used in plural terms the word is always followed by the word “of.” The word “each” cannot be used independently, without the word “of.”


For Singular cases

  • Each point talks about different matters.
  • The questions are worth five points each.
  • We should conduct a different meeting for each problem.

For Plural Cases

  • I can’t decide which one, so give me one of each of them,
  • Each of the books donated to the library is in excellent condition.
  • Each of us has a car of our own, commuting is not a problem for us.


The word “every” is used in the cases where we need to refer to or to point at a group of things or people. It can also be used to refer to three or more than three objects or people. It must be remembered that the group should be used as one entity together.


  • Every one of the participants will receive a certificate of appreciation.
  • Jake loves a cup of coffee every
  • Jonnita watered every plant in the yard.

Apart from the above use, which is the most common form of use, the word “every” can be used in three different ways. The ways of use are mentioned below:

  1. The word expresses movement in succession.
    • Example – The newspaper publishes a magazine once every month.
  2. Another usage of the word is when the word is used to consider all the possibilities or to consider things within all the possibilities.
    • Example – The doctors wanted to give Ana every chance
  3. “Every” can be used to portray the sense of “entirety” or the meaning of the word “complete.”
    • Examples – We put every confidence in the team.

Bonus Point: Sometimes, you might find the term “every now and then” or the term of “every so often” or the phrase “every now and again.” The phrases above all describe that things occasionally happen or at different intervals.


  • I visit my uncle and aunty every now and then.
  • Every so often, I would rely on the maid to fix the decorations.
  • Anita came to play with my daughter every now and again.